Track Authors...

Fernando Montero "Arch" (Layout)
Sergio Loro (Graphics)
the great and beatiful cover was made by John Bradley thanks john!!!


And our thanks goes to (in no particular order)


- Papyrus and David Kaemmer for making this great Sim.
- Dave Noonan for 3doEd.
- Phil Flack for Ase23do,xt2Gtk, Mipman, trk23dowT.
- Alex Murcia and Eduardo Sanchez for the great information that they gave about track altitudes and camber.
- Alex Murcia (again) for making those beautiful Setups.
- Paul Hoad for GplEditor.
- Peter Prochazka for GplTrk.
- Eduardo Sanchez (Cosworth) for Satellite Picture of the track.
- Jonas Matton and Martin Granberg for GplRa.
- Pau Freire for Web Design.
- Klaus Horbrand for WinMip.
- Martin Granberg for Trackinstall.
- Jorge Nieva for his interest and his diary question "Did you finished it yet?"
- Gaizka López for the web hosting.
- Joachim Blum for TrkCamEdit.
- Marck Beckman for his AI guides.
- Raúl Valenzuela for his help making the layout.
- Jacques Bossy for build the AI files
- Robert Zeugin for create a beatiful mips
- Manuel Roda (MAX EL ONE) for his great encyclopedia.
- The historic subforums (in Spanish) from for the big amount of pictures of the track I found in them.

- And finally the beta testers of the track (Eduardo Sánchez, Manuel Zamora, Pau Freire, Gabriel Tobar (Z.Zar), Alex Murcia and Gaizka López) for his comments.

Thank you all, guys!